Jen Oh


Welcome to JenOhSays!


My food and health journey has taken me on a winding road and I’m happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you!


I’m a proud mother of two, my true journey began when my daughter was born about 15 years ago. I come from a family that follows a lot of traditional Chinese medicine practices, so living “naturally” is not really new – but it’s so easy to wander from one path. When my daughter was born, I promised myself that I would do the very best for her and for me, that meant learning to eat, clean, and nurture in an entirely new way. Finding Holistic Moms Network broadened my understanding and knowledge of holistic living. Currently, I am the Director of Chapter Development and Mentoring alongside being a co-leader of the Holistic Moms Network San Jose, CA chapter.

I started out as a fashion designer in NYC (graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA) and worked as a woman’s knit designer. During that time, I started a small non-profit group, MESSY.

This was right when schools were dropping art programs due to funding. I went to a 6th grade class, in a not so great school in Brooklyn (most substitute teachers refused to teach there) and taught them art once a week. I also ran a program at the Brooklyn Library’s main branch in Grand Army Plaza – combining a reading program with an art program. In total, we had about 5 different programs we ran.

After a decade, I made a huge switch and became the Managing Director of Tiger Claw’s Eastern Division. Tiger Claw is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of martial arts equipment. If you use it in a martial arts school – they carry it. I returned to California and became Tiger Claw’s VP of Marketing and Public Relations. Working at Tiger Claw gave me an opportunity to meet so many amazing people, many of whom live holistically. Discussions on meditation, health, and bettering our body, minds, and soul are not uncommon. Even seeing people do tai chi or qigong in the office is not unusual, haha.

All of this has cultivated my journey of becoming passionate about being as, for lack of a better term, holistic as possible and to be able to raise my kids in this journey. Everything has taught me to be conscious of what we put in our bodies – on our bodies, and what we surround ourselves with. This awareness has become a passion to become a nutritionist. Studying at Bauman College gave me the tools and foundation to work with clients to help them on their holistic journey and road to wellness. Now, I am a practicing holistic nutritionist with a variety of clients – from those who never paid attention to what they eat to those that are already on this path, all looking to improve their health and well being. I hope you find the information I provide on my website useful and become as passionate as I am.

Jennifer Oh