Jen Oh

Coming up strawberries

As we pulled out all of the roses to put in fruits and veggies, I thought it would be appropriate to kick start my garden posts with pics of what’s to come.

So far, my son has been able to have one strawberry from the garden this year…but just look how many more are on their way. He can hardly wait…but nature doesn’t take shortcuts and our garden is teaching us more than what was anticipated. I had imagined my kids learning about seeds, plants, growing cycles, etc…but patience…ah yes, the one thing that is elusive to a 4 year old…and yet, he is learning. Everyday, we come home and do a lap around the plants (mostly to play in the rocks, but hey – it’s a start)…and he asks, “are they ready yet?” Not yet, but when they are – they will be the yummiest strawberries he’s ever had…

The recent cool weather has kept my lettuce from going to seed and kept us in salad for weeks. I never realized that so few lettuce plants could have us all eating greens for so long! Even my son is eating them! I’m telling you, you want your kids to eat veggies – grow them.

The bok choi are huge! I had to start clipping them today, as two of them have gone to seed. I am going to attempt to save their seeds (though, never having done this – it will be an experiment in progress). I must admit, there is something so cool about being able to give your mom and grandmother bok choi that you grew in your own yard!

Next week – nasturtiums are starting to bloom, carrots finally starting to grow, and will the cabbage start looking like “cabbage”?