Jen Oh

Garden’s Bounty

We cleaned up the garden and this is what we were able to pick this weekend. Yum!

This was our first year with a front yard garden and, as I’ve said before, it was awesome. I have truly loved it. I have been extremely thankful that we got so much out of it, as so many people I know were not as successful, due to the weather.

The main thing that saved us was the soil. Since it was a new garden, we invested and got amazing soil and compost from Lynso Garden Materials. We did equal parts Lyngso Nursery mix, Essential Soil mix, and Diestal Structure compost. It cost us $176 plus a truck fee (we rented one of their trucks), but it was definitely worth it. We put so much work into making the raised beds that I would have been really sad if our garden had failed.

We have been composting at home for over a year and I will be adding that to the raised beds soon. Thankfully, we live in CA – so I am already planning and planting our fall garden. I have garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, snap peas, kale, and cabbage that I plan on planting.

We still have tons of tomatoes and peppers growing. Cucumbers, broccoli, and carrots are still coming up, but not as vigorously as before. Also, we now have a watermelon – the first of the season! Hopefully, our Indian summer will be just warm enough for it to grow and ripen.

All in all, our front yard garden project was the best thing we did this summer! Can’t wait to continue…