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Meal prepping for One or Two… or More can be hard cooking for one or two. Recipes are often made to feed four to six. Concerns of cooking too much, having way too much leftover, overeating (because too much was made) or it’s too much effort when it’s only for one are the concerns I often hear at the classes I teach. Well, I’m here to help!

Here are some tips to make cooking for one or two easier. And, the best thing is that these tips can still be applied to feeding families or big crowds!…

Sweet Valentine Treats

Learn to make sweet treats that are good for you, taste great, and perfect for sharing. We will utilize natural sweeteners, different flours, and discuss ways to boost the nutritional value of items commonly thought of as not good for you. All attendees will make and take home all 3 treats. All diets/preferences can be accommodated.

Register thru the Cupertino Recreation Center.
Class fee: $40 (members)/$50 (non-members).
Material fee: $15 due to instructor.…

Tired of Cooking?

Are you in a rut? Don’t feel like cooking? Cooking at home is healthier and costs less than eating out. Here are 4 Reasons You Don’t Feel Like Cooking Tonight (and What to Do About It). don’t know what to cook
Have three to five go-to recipes they can make almost on autopilot. These are the recipes that take very little time, energy, and brain space to make. They might not even be recipes, per se — think scrambled eggs on toast, veggies and hummus, a piece of grilled chicken and a lightly dressed salad. (For me, it’s tacos. I take tortillas, then fill them with whatever motley assortment of toppings I can cull from the fridge and pantry.)…